September 2018 CLE

Assisting Transgender Clients with Name Changes and Gender Marker Changes CLE

September 14, 2018

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

ACLU of Missouri and KC LEGAL invite you to this free CLE!

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This program will train practitioners (attorneys and law students) to assist transgender clients with ID document changes. In addition to 50 minutes of instruction on name change petitions and gender marker change petitions for Missouri adults, the program will include 25 minutes of cultural competency training on transgender issues. The program is approved for Missouri CLE.


Johnda Boyce is a Missouri attorney based in Kansas City. Boyce (she/her) is an activist and practitioner, and enjoys assisting her transgender clients with name and gender marker changes. She holds a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Southeast Missouri State University, an M.A. in Women’s Studies from The Ohio State University, and a J.D. from the University of Arizona. She has previously served a staff attorney at Legal Aid of Western Missouri and at Legal Services of Southern Missouri.

Jay-Marie Hill is the Statewide Coordinator of the ACLU-Missouri Transgender Education and Advocacy Program. Hill (they/them) is an activist, musician, and educator who lives a life designed to help our world ascend beyond gendered and racialized norms. This life work of Jay-Marie’s happens via organizing, education and strategic consulting with non-profits, local communities and industry leaders.


Stinson Leonard Street has generously offered the use of its office for this CLE.
Stinson Leonard Street LLP
1201 Walnut, Ste. 2900
Kansas City, MO 64106


Parking is available in the Town Pavilion garage, accessible from three locations:
1. Walnut St. (between 12th and 13th—turn right after entering the garage)
2. 12th St. (between Walnut and Grand)
3. Grand Blvd. (between 12th and 13th)

Park in any spot not marked “Reserved” or “2 Hour Limit Visitor.” After parking, go to the “skywalk” entrance a few steps south of the parking spaces. The “skywalk” is on level 3 of the parking garage elevators. Follow the skywalk and enter double doors on the right to the 1201 Walnut building. Proceed to the 2nd set of elevators. Go to the 29th Floor.