Modern Family Alliance (MFA) Conference Nov. 5, 2016

Modern Family Alliance (MFA), previously known as Midwest Alternative Family Alliance (MAFA), is
sponsoring a conference entitled The Life Cycle of the Modern (LGBT) Family on Saturday, November
5, 2016, at the Kauffman Foundation (4801 Rockhill Road, KC, MO).
Eric Rosswood, author of Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood – Firsthand Advice, Tips and Stories from
Lesbian and Gay Couples, is the Keynote Speaker. Additionally, there will be twelve smaller break-out
sessions covering such topics as how to build your family (infant adoption, foster to adopt, surrogacy,
insemination by donor, etc.); special issues with teachers, bullying and schools; transracial and
transcultural issues; transgender issues; parenting and discipline issues; maintenance of the couple
relationship; estate planning; wellness and others.
Also present at the conference will be other non-profit LGBT groups that support families, so they can
make themselves more available to attendees for information.
MFA is a non-profit group that supports LGBT families and their children in the greater Kansas City area.
Established in 2005, MFA has sponsored picnics, play dates and dinners for adults, as well as numerous
educational conferences to connect and support their members and the community.
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