The Missouri Bar Diversity Summit

Amy Fowler and Jim Breckenridge represented KC LEGAL in St. Louis at the Diversity Summit on May 19 & 20. Important questions were asked: how do we properly vet judicial candidates and lend them our support? To what degree is implicit bias still present in our lives and profession? What can we do to increase diversity in the courtroom and boost public confidence in our legal system? Are we employing best practices in admitting law students and incorporating diverse lawyers into the profession? Thanks to all the participants including Kimberly Norwood, Ellen Suni, Stephanie Scharf, Michelle Wimes, Lisa Tatum, Michael Minton, Willie Epps, John Amman and Judges Draper, Quigless, Jackson, Farragut-Hemphill and Wimes for your commitment to equality and for enlightening us on what we’ve done well and on what we still have to do!